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Manage more than just bookings and dispatches. Ziffy comes integrated with a growing set of smart tools to help you effectively manage drivers, accounts, messages, expenses, accounts, customer feedback and more.

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Advanced dispatching

Operating from the cloud, Ziffy's dispatch system is designed for stress free usage. Meaning your controllers get a clutter free user interface that does not compromise on features.

  • cloud based secure storage of data
  • 24x7 access from anywhere
  • apps available for iOS and Android
  • free updates for lifetime
  • support for basic landline as well as IP phones
  • and more...

Cloud computing

Thanks to cloud computing Ziffy is accessible anywhere using a browser. Latest updates are available instantly including latest maps and location data.

Smarter apps

Your drivers can use their own phones instead of PDAs. Apart from assigning jobs, Ziffy's driver app offers several other features such as messaging, scheduling, expenses, reminders etc.

Great support

We take great pride in our system making sure that it delivers 100% to you. So, whenever you need help making the most of its capabilities, we are available to help.

Customer engagement

Ziffy helps your business engage with your customers in a positive way.

  • textback and sms notifications
  • receive service rating feedback
  • brandable customer app

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Greater accessibility

Ziffy's servers operate in the cloud providing faster services accessible from anywhere.

  • free updates for lifetime
  • regular data backups
  • accurate location data

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Ziffy's proprietary technology gets the best performance out of your drivers.

Committed drivers

Ziffy's tools help bring out the best in your drivers.

  • increased commitment
  • improved performance
  • driver appraisal tools

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Effective base control

Ziffy's base control system console offers a growing set of innovative tools that help you more than manage your operations.

  • manage accounts and expenses
  • statements for driver and account customers
  • analyse driver performance
  • manage vehicle maintenance

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Highly user friendly

Ziffy was designed working closely with our partners, whose valued feedback has influenced its stress free interface.

  • clutter free look
  • on-demand access to features
  • highly configurable
  • great support

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Web booking form

Ziffy's web booking form is highly customisable and easy to integrate on your website.

  • replaces clunky email forms
  • removes need for manual copy/paste of bookings
  • uses autocomplete to show correct addresses
  • displays journey on a map

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